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♦ We have no set-up or initial fee.                                                                                                                 

♦ We have no fee for updates or improvements.                                                                                           
♦ The software use charge includes help getting started and help any other time you need it.

♦ We have no long-term contracts; you pay only when you say you are using the program for records & reports.                   

♦ The software use charge is a monthly fee - if the year is paid in advance you get two free months.     



No additional charges of any kind (except mileage to travel to your place). We provide help when your LG100F  
difference is not zero (or the same as last month), help with unusual of any kind! 

     Your average total

    PAPER pull tab deals*                   Full Use** Charge                                                                                                            
     closed each month


       5 and under                                           $35 per month plus $5 per deal                            
            per month                                                        

       6  to 19                                                     $60 per month                         

            per month                                               or $600 per year                                            


       Over 19                                                   $85 per month                         

            per month                                               or $850 per year             


*THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for E-Tabs, Bingo, Raffle, Paddle Ticket and Tipboard reporting - all are included.

*THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE regardless of the number of licensed Sites reported. If there are no paper pulltabs reported: $35/month or $350/year.

You pay nothing until you say you are using the software for reports. The purpose of the "monthly billing" is to make  it easy for anyone to get started without a major commitment and to continue with monthly billing if it fits the organization. You can switch at any time to annual billing to take advantage of the two free months.    


**"Limited Use" is for someone who uses the program mainly for inventory records and the Schedule-B2’s. This usually is     
someone who uses an accounting service for the rest of the tax return. [The Limited Use Charge is about 3/4 Full Use Charge.] 

The "limited use charge" was introduced because using a computer to keep inventory records and do schedule-B2's is the best first step in relieving the paper work burden. The financial work is then a small step to "full use".                                                                                                  

The different prices offered (for under 20 deals per month and under 6 deals deals per month) were introduced to try to make it easier for    smaller organizations to be able to use our software.    


"Limited Use" and "Monthly Billing" were innovations when we introduced them.                                                               

For Service Providers there is a different pricing plan; please contact us. 

“Gleason's Software is the best decision I ever made as gambling manager. The program is terrific and does everything our organization needs it to do. ”  - Elaine in Winsted

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