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RIP Ray Gleason

Family Owned & Operated

Gleason's Software & Services is a family business based in the Twin Cities, providing software and support to Minnesota Lawful Gambling operations since 1988. Since Ray's passing, we are no longer accepting new customers.

Excellent Customer Service & Support

"We work when you work" - that's our motto! 

Our hands-on customer service and support sets us apart. We can help you solve problems, find errors or deal with unique situations - at no additional charge. The feedback we get from our customers helps us to improve our software to better meet your needs.

Creator & Founder Ray Gleason

After 35 years of operating Gleason's Software & Services, Raymond T. Gleason passed away on June 14, 2023. It was Flag Day, which seemed appropriate because he loved flying the U.S. flag. Here is his obituary.

“Gleason's Software is the best decision I ever made as gambling manager. The program is terrific and does everything our organization needs it to do. ”  - Elaine in Winsted

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